About Tjae



My name is Tjae and I’m a 22 year old graduate student learning how to adult in the “real adult world.” I recently graduated from Fort Lewis College with my BA in Exercise Science and am now in school for my MS in Athletic Training. I’m the oldest of 6 siblings and the one who has to set the bar high for everyone else to pass (FUN!).

I’m not exactly sure what else I’m supposed to say in this “About Me” section because I feel that little shpell is all that you need to know for now. In the posts I have and will post, you’ll get to know me a tiny bit better.

I like to keep my personal life to myself but since this is a blog about my life that’s kind of difficult but I plan to try my best to share my stories with you all. The purposes of this blog are to give graduating high school students and college students some advice on what to expect when applying to college and living the college life. I will also be sharing some things that I have experienced throughout the past 4 years of being in the “real world” as well as what it’s like being a grad student.

I hope that everything I share is at least somewhat helpful to you or if you’re just the kind of person who likes to see a person struggle and laugh, that’s up to you.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO READ MY POSTS IF YOU DONT LIKE IT. I’m not forcing ya’ll to read, that’s totally up to you! But enjoyyyy!